Monday, April 4, 2011

Juice Pouch Purses

I had lots of Capri juice pouches around and thought that I wanted to make something with them. After looking around I found the purse idea. I thought of giving them to my daughter and her cousins for Easter originally, but started think of birthday party ideas and that's when I thought these would make perfect party favor bags. They look nice without the boa, but I thought it was the perfect finishing touch. I am very pleased on how they turned out. I did have to pull out my old sewing machine and Keira had to drink a lot of juice pouches (she didn't seem to mind). I originally hot glued the trim on the bags, but  they come off to easily and then I had to tack them down as well. They were a big hit. I already had a request to make more for a little girls birthday gift. They are really durable and fold away easily.

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