Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Egg Nest

Easter Egg Nest (oops wrong date on camera should be 04/19/2011)

Egg Carton supplies
egg carton
green paint and brush
easter grass
green crepe paper roll

1. Cut out groups of 4 adjacent cups of the egg cartons. Keep the cups attached together.
2. Paint the cups green inside and out. Set aside and let dry.
3. Cut Easter grass into smaller pieces. Drizzle glue inside all of the cups, then sprinkle the grass pieces inside (to make a nest affect) of about 3/4 of the way up.
4. Measure the crepe paper around the outside of the nest and cut a little longer. Cut 3 of these. Apply glue around the outside of the top rim and glue one crepe paper piece in place ( like a skirt). Glue the 2nd an inch or so above the rim. Glue the 3rd piece even with the second (right on top)
5. Cut small slits on the top of the crepe paper to make (grass) all around the four sides. Pull apart the two layers and fluff out.
6. Fill the nest with Easter goodies.

We put inside two painted  plastic easter eggs and chocolate covered  chicks and  bunny peeps. See the cholcolate covered peeps post to make these.

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