Monday, April 18, 2011

Boo Boo Bunny

                                                                    Boo Boo Bunny

- face cloth
- narrow ribbon(s)
- 2 googly eyes
- 2 pompoms (one large for the tail, one smaller for the nose)
- needle and thread to match the face cloth and/or hot glue gun

1) Take a face cloth and lay it out flat.

2) Fold the face cloth in half diagonally.
3) Tightly roll the face cloth triangle into a tube, starting with the upper right-hand corner so that you end up with the long fold at the end of the roll.
4) Still holding the tube tightly, fold the tube in half.
5) Fold the tube in half again, this time so that the two ends (what will become the "ears") end up over the previously-folded side (what will become the "donut hole" area).
6) Tie a ribbon (or ribbons) tightly around the face cloth about 2/3 of the way down, away from the "donut hole."
7) At this point, if you angle the two ends upward, you can see the basic bunny shape.
8) Turn the bunny so that the ears are facing away from you. Using a thread colour that matches your face cloth, make small stitches where there is any loose fabric. There will almost always be loose fabric near the folds.

If you're not into sewing, you can tack the loose fabric down with hot glue. If you use hot glue you won't be able to take the bunny apart and use the face cloth later, though!
9) Turn the bunny so that the "face" is pointed towards you, and stitch/glue the seam down the middle closed.

10) Tie the ribbon(s) into a bow; secure the bow with a couple of stitches or a bead of glue. On the bunny's face, sew/glue on googly eyes and a small pompom for a nose.
11) Sew/glue on a larger puffy pompom for the tail. You're all done!

If you choose to be creative you can add flowers, mini plastic Easter eggs, or felt cut-outs to your bunny as decoration. But you can also keep the bunny simple.

Boo Boo Bunny Poem

Place this poem and some candy inside a plastic egg and put it in the back of the bunny where the ice will go. It makes a cute addition to any Easter basket!
Boo Boo Bunny goes hippity-hoppity
Boo Boo's ears are flippitty-floppity.
His egg holds a special sweet treat,
He's bringing just for you to eat.
Save the egg, don't throw it away,
You may need it another day.
When you get hurt and have a boo-boo,
And you feel sad and go "boo-hoo",
Open the egg and put in some ice,
Boo-Boo's cold egg will help it feel nice.

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