Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mini Top Hats

Hi everyone,
I decided that I would share some of the mini top hats that I made for my daughters birthday party a little early. I really like the way they turned out. I was looking for ideas on making a "Mad Hatter" hat for the Alice in Wonderland birthday party when I ran across  mini top hats on the internet. Right away all kinds of idea popped in my head and I thought how perfect this would be for the girls to wear at the party. Again I used most of the stuff I had on hand to make them. I plan on placing them at each girls place setting  at the tea party "Mad Hatter Tea Party" so they can wear it during the tea. For the boys they will wear a mad hatter hat. I used fabric, flowers, feather, ribbons and two clips each for attaching to hair to the side of the head (I will be posting pictures of the girls actually wearing it during the party).


  1. my friend kerry had a "kerry in wonderland" 50th bday party i dressed up as the white queen and wayne dressed up as the rabbit it was cute he had the white coat,ears and huge clock. im going to see if i can talk him into this for keiras party as long as he is not working. she is bringing me by both the red and white dress fri so i can see which one looks best :)

  2. did you make them out of cardstock? Do you have the template you would be willing to share? They are gorgeous!