Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pop Top Tab Bracelet

Welcome back. I want to share the fun project that I did today. As you can see on the picture it is a bracelet. It is made out of pop tabs of all things. My niece asked me if I knew how to make pop top tab bracelets. I had to say "hummm, what are you talking about?". After using google I found out what she was talking about. There are a lot of different designs and ways to make them, some are really cute and some not so much. Since I never made one before I wanted to make a pattern that looked fairly easy. I think it turned out rather cute. I used the supplies I had on hand so this one was made out of ribbon. I am now making another one with a criss- cross pattern. I am going to experiment with other claps to see which one I like best. This one I left the ribbons long and tied it into a bow around her wrist. 
I am going to try one that is crocheted around with different colored crochet thread. I was surprised how many different items can be made with these tabs. Belts, jewelry, purses, coasters and even vests. I think that I will stick with bracelets. 

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