Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Canned Jar Pin Cushion

                                               Canned Jar Pin Cushion


• Fabric Scrap of your choice                     
•Jar with lid and band
•Cotton balls or fiberfill
•Card Stock
•Glue gun

1. Using the lid of the jar, cut out a circle of the same size from the card stock.

2.Using the lid of the jar, trace around it on the wrong side of your fabric. Increase that circle’s radius about 1” and cut out the larger circle.

3.Layer the fabric, cotton balls, and lid then place the “sandwich” inside the band.

4. Press the lid down so that the cotton balls and fabric form the pincushion on the opposite side of the band. Check to see if you need to move the fabric to avoid creases. Make any necessary adjustments and then fold in the fabric and hot glue it to the underside of the lid. 

5. Trim away any excess fabric and hot glue the cardstock over the fabric edges.

6.Line the band with a small bead of glue and insert the pincushion into it, pressing firmly. Add the lid to the jar and YOU HAVE A NEW PINCUSHION!

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